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Sport Republic to acquire a controlling stake in Göztepe S.K.

19 Aug 2022

Sport Republic, the London-based investment firm, has reached a definitive agreement to acquire a controlling stake in the Turkish football club Göztepe S.K.

In purchasing a 70% shareholding of Göztepe S.K., Sport Republic will become the first foreign investor within the Turkish football industry. The existing shareholders will retain a 30% stake in the club.

Göztepe S.K. become Sport Republic’s second football club investment, having taken control of the Premier League side Southampton FC in January 2022.

Commenting on the acquisition, the Chairman of Sport Republic, Henrik Kraft, said:

“We are very excited to announce our investment into Göztepe S.K. and add the club to the Sport Republic family. We have been working on this for a long time and are very pleased that it was possible to come to an agreement.

“The ambition of all of us at Sport Republic is to build a portfolio of high-influence stakes in football clubs and other sporting assets across the world and then use our wider portfolio of sports technology businesses to accelerate the development of those companies. We can’t wait to get started and begin implementing our strategy with Göztepe.

“I would also like to thank Mehmet Sepil for his collaboration in making this deal happen. One of our key requirements was that Mehmet stayed as a shareholder as he knows the club and Turkish football in general inside out. We very much look forward to our partnership with Mehmet.”

The CEO of Sport Republic, and the newly appointed Chairman of Göztepe S.K., Rasmus Ankersen, added:

“Göztepe S.K. has a lot of potential for growth. It has a unique and very large following as well as a high-quality infrastructure, in particular a new and beautiful stadium located in Izmir. With almost five million inhabitants on its doorstep, we believe the club offers an opportunity to build a strong pipeline of homegrown talent.

“Being the first foreign investors in Turkish football comes with extra responsibilities and attention. We know it will not be without challenges, but we are committed to our long-term vision of fulfilling the potential of Göztepe. The passion for football in Turkey is truly special and we hope that our methodology and ideas can help develop Göztepe further.”

Mehmet Sepil, former majority shareholder in Göztepe S.K. commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Sport Republic’s investment in Göztepe. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in Turkish football with Sport Republic becoming the first foreign investor in football in our country.

“With Sport Republic’s experience and global presence, Göztepe will be more than a showcase team competing at the highest level. It will be a team that develops young talent, competes with home grown talent playing side by side with international players, and becomes a conduit for Turkish players for their international careers.

“We will honour our storied past, build on our legacy and be at the centre of developing the sport that our nation is most passionate about: Football.”

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